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“It is time to reach out to all conservatives in Robertson County to affect the right kind of change, as our very Constitutional Rights are being taken away. We all need to be informed and get involved in the issues affecting our daily lives. Come and join us in our efforts!! We need you! YOU can make a difference!”

   Richard Swink, RCRP Chair


The Robertson County Republican Party…..


  • The Robertson County Republican Party actively supports local candidates and promotes local issues important to small business owners, farmers, individuals and families.
  • The RCRP is dedicated to putting conservatives into every elected office in Robertson County. We MUST return to our core values and principles.
  •  You will be invited to join us at social events where you and your family can enjoy conversation about important topics and issues of the day, and hear, first-hand, what is really going on from local, state, and national leaders.

 "If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

    Ronald Reagan

Saturday morning, August 9, the Robertson County Republican Party held its monthly meeting, focusing on two important issues. 

 First, candidates, whether they were victorious or came up short, spoke to a full house.  All were gracious in calling for party unity as we look toward the general election and getting to work on ways to improve freedom and prosperity in our County, State and Nation.

 Second, our special guest speaker, John Harris, Executive Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, spoke with knowledge and passion about the 2nd Amendment to our Federal Constitution.  An important point was the fact that too many citizens were either unaware of the specific language and intent of the amendment, or they “just did not get it!”  He received a standing ovation and stayed for an hour after the meeting talking with individual members and guests.

The RCRP sends its sincere appreciation to everyone who attended and participated in this important meeting!

Please visit event page to view slideshow and videos.




Whether you are looking for a way to become more involved or just want to be more informed, you can find it here.  Your Robertson County Republican Party is growing, active and determined to return our country to the values of freedom and individual responsibility. 

For questions or additional information please contact Richard Swink at (615) 351-2375 or email Richard at rickswink@bellsouth.net.


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Robertson County Republican Party
The Robertson County Republican Party (RCRP) exists to foster and promote the principles of conservative republicanism within Robertson County.