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At our April 11 regularly scheduled meeting, we voted to change our monthly meetings to the First Saturday of each month.  The time (9:00 am for the program with breakfast served at 8:30 am) remains the same.  We still meet at the Senior Center on Locust St. in Springfield and our next meeting will be June 6.  We encourage all of you to wear your RCRP shirts or other patriotic colors and join us the Barrel Festival in Coopertown immediately following the meeting!

Guest Speaker 

The featured speaker at our June 6 meeting is Richard Swink.  Please welcome Richard as he delivers his answer to the question, “How can we save America when it’s ‘goodness’ gets in the way?”

A motivated reader of political philosophy, Richard became interested in politics as far back as Nixon and became personally involved in college, serving as President of the Student Senate. More recently, he campaigned for Fred Thompson in South Carolina and was Co-Chair of the Ron Ramsey for Governor campaign in Robertson County.  He currently serves as the Immediate Past Chairman of the Robertson County Republican Party after four years as Chairman. He describes those four years as very challenging, but one of his greatest honors. 

  See you there!


The Robertson County Republican Party…..

  •  The Robertson County Republican Party actively supports local candidates and promotes local issues important to small business owners, farmers, individuals and families.
  • The RCRP is dedicated to putting conservatives into every elected office in Robertson County. We MUST return to our core values and principles.
  •  You will be invited to join us at social events where you and your family can enjoy conversation about important topics and issues of the day, and hear, first-hand, what is really going on from local, state, and national leaders.

 "If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

    Ronald Reagan



Please visit event page to view slideshow and videos.



Whether you are looking for a way to become more involved or just want to be more informed, you can find it here.  Your Robertson County Republican Party is growing, active and determined to return our country to the values of freedom and individual responsibility. 

For questions or additional information please contact Richard Swink at (615) 351-2375 or email Richard at rickswink@bellsouth.net.


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Robertson County Republican Party
The Robertson County Republican Party (RCRP) exists to foster and promote the principles of conservative republicanism within Robertson County.